Desolation Angels is a Salute to the Music of Bad Company and rock icon Paul Rodgers....playing the hits, and deep cuts, of the 70's greatest boogie band!
Featuring the groove of legendary drummer Sandy Gennaro, The true to Rodger's rasp & soul of frontman Greg Mangus, Guitar virtuoso Scott Van Zen and the anchor of bassist Joe Bass. The latter two members spent several years on the road with Bad Company singer Brian Howe.
Authentic to the original songs , yet with their own spin on the tunes, Desolation Angels brings a new dimension to the Bad Company catalog everyone knows and loves.

Now, who's ready for some Bad Company!?


The recently released "Bad Company Live 1977-1979" was the template for the Desolation Angels' sound, singer Greg Mangus explains, "The minute I first heard that heavy groove of 'Burning Sky' kick in, I thought, that's how I want to play that material........that deep Simon Kirke pocket, with all that......that....FUNK underneath, of course Sandy & Joe were my first calls! Van Zen's perfect too because not a lot of guitar players can shred AND do all that rhythmic stuff that Mick played. Paul Rodgers is flat out a soul singer, the greatest, so I just try and mix him with some Wicked Pickett and my own growl and bring the spirit of that 70's Bad Company to life!"


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Sandy Gennaro


Desolation Angels is currently seeking representation.
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Desolation Angel Music

Desolation Angel Music